The Company "MAMALIS Digital Technologies" based in Volos, was founded in March 1994. Within 10 years, we managed to rise to one of the largest and best equipped and organized companies in the field of integrated digital solutions. We provide all digital devices necessary for the complete computerization of our customers, such as computers, peripherals and accessories but most of all, we support everything that we sell, completely, efficiently and immediately.
Our clientele, today, consists of about 3.000 entries, most of all businesses, smaller or larger, public sector, banks and also large industries.
We employ 7 persons of which 4 are highly trained computer technicians, 2 are programmers and 1 at the front desk, ready to receive the call and relay it to the appropriate technical support sector.
We are happy to visit the business premises, register the needs of the customers and return with the best and most economical proposition regarding their TOTAL computer and communication needs.
In the past years, our name has been directly associated with the belief that by visiting us one will receive honest and complete information on any technical subject, regardless of a sale.
Our facilities consist of 2 stores with a total area of 250 m2. The service areas can accommodate up to 15 workstations, completely equipped for a technical diagnosis or repair of any digital computer device or peripheral.
There is also a fully equipped area for digital presentations, tutorials, or training.
Call us and let us get to know you, your already existing company that wants to expand or become more modern, or if you are just about to begin, let us advise you on how to start with the best and the less.